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A sustainable solution

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CARGOLITE boxes reduce the carbon emissions by 18%!

reduced carbon foot print

Both HERBOX and the CARGOLITE boxes for flowers increase the pack rate per volume without affecting the quality of the products.

This means that more stems, or more kilograms of herbs can be transported in a cubic meter.
Therefore, a truck or a plane can transport MORE in a trip, thus reducing the carbon emissions.

CARGOLITE frames are fully recyclable


The plastic frames of the CARGOLITE for flowers are made from 100% recycled polypropylene, locally collected from reliable sources.

At arrival to the final destination, the frames are collected by the unpackers and recycled again in their countries by local manufacturers.


The quality and properties of the polypropylene used in manufacturing the frames are ideal for multiple recycling and are in high demand.


Unlike other types of plastic, such as PET bottles, no CARGOLITE plastic parts reaches the dumps or the oceans. They are too valuable for this and usually generate an additional income to the unpackers.

cargolite frames recycling

The CARGOLITE packaging system requires up to 2 kg LESS of paper padding, SFKs and board !

reduced resources

Packing more stems in the CARGOLITE carton and using a lighter gauge, mean using LESS PULP to manufacture the cartons, and LESS ENERGY to manufacture and recycle the packaging materials after unpacking.
In the picture: SFKs and newsprint that were wrapping the bunches in one regular box of roses.

“With fewer KG’s shipped, Cargolite has gotten us one step on the way to a better CO2 footprint”.   

Terje Jensen, Mestergrønn, Norway

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