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for sea freight

Specially designed for sea freight (SF), Cargolite® SF 

is based on the the Cargolite CL with the plastic frames.
The spaces between the boxes function as air ducts through which the cold air reach each and every box in the reefer.

Cargolite SF:


  • We have upgraded our CL carton and extended its capacity to carry seafreighted roses over the long trip to their destination.

  • The new carton is made of high performance board which resists humidity and is especially adapted to cold temperatures.

  • In addition, the new SF carton is much stronger than its CL sibling.

cargolite SF for sea freight of roses

Cargolite SF 

each box gets cold air

  • The frames around the box create a dedicated space between the boxes.

  • The cold air that comes from under the floor of the reefer circulates upward freely between the boxes and refrigerates each and every box in the reefer.

  • In comparison, regular boxes are stacked as a block with no spaces between them. Therefore heating inside the regular boxes is more likely and affects the quality of the flowers.

Cargolite SF 


  • The frames around the boxes create a solid external skeleton that support each box individully and carry the weight of boxes on top.

  • The weight of the boxes is diverted to the frames instead of being supported by the carton walls and the flowers themselves.

  • Therefore no SFKs are required to protect the flowers. This saves considerably on the weight of the pulp used, reduces the carbon footprint and allows for more stems in the boxes and in the container.


With Cargolite SF, the boxes do not crush and the flowers do not support the weight.

cargolite SF for sea freight skid
  • The quality of the flowers and their shelf live depends heavily on the temperatures at which the flowers have been exposed to during the trip.


  • To avoid wilting, the ambient temperature must be kept at 0.5°C. Above this temperature, the flowers are still "alive" and the cellular respiration process which involves heat emission continues inside the boxes.


  • If not managed properly, the heat can escalate to levels which will be impossible to reduce and this will be detrimental to the flowers.


  • Such heating events can be efficiently reduced by the Cargolite SF boxes due to the built in space between the boxes. Unlike the standard boxes - which have a limited exposure to the cold air inside the reefer, more cold air reaches the Cargolite boxes and cools the flowers much faster.
    This is reflected in the flat temperature graphs around 0.5°C and the quality at arrival which is as good as air freighted roses.

Cargolite SF 

perfect arrivals


samples of graphs and locations in the reefers for shipments from Kenya to the Netherlands. The yellow areas show the first stage of the trip from the farm until the beginning of the trip at sea. The graphs show fast cooling and stable temperatures around 0.5°C inside the boxes for the full duration of the trip.

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