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Herbs are delicate and sensitive.
They require special conditions and like all of us, would prefer business class conditions when traveling abroad.


This is why at CARGOLITE we developed HERBOX™ the cool and innovative packaging for herbs.



In the HERBOX, the top of the 1 Kg package is allocated to the leaves whereas the bottom part of the package is reserved for the stems.
The stems, unlike the leaves, can be compressed without causing any damage to the bunches. 

So we created HERBOX, a packaging with a bottom half that can be compressed while leaving the top half intact.


By doing so, we obtained a box with a trapeze shape bottom.

When boxes are adjacent to each other, triangular spaces are formed between them. Through these spaces, cold air circulates and reaches even the boxes in the core of the pallet.


HERBOX assures an even distribution of cold air to each and every box on the pallet and keeps the herbs in optimal condition

With this improved cooling, it is now possible to reduce the volumetric weight of the boxes of 1 kg of basil or other herbs without causing an increase of temperature inside the box and compromising their quality

HERBOX is available in 4 different sizes:


195x195x220H (1 kg)

equivalent to the common

Upright “BIG” Box

HB small.png

195x165x220H (1 kg)

equivalent to the common

Upright “SMALL” Box


400x500x210H (6 kg)

Bulk Box

Currently, bundles of several boxes are often made with improvised parts of carton or simply consist of a large box (master) compactly containing the desired quantity of boxes. In most of the cases, the problem of heating worsens and the quality, both of the packaging and the product, is compromised.


HERBOX uses its own dedicated master carton to bundle 10 or 12 boxes which allow a uniform circulation of cold air through the triangular air channels between the boxes.


The master carton protects the boxes and their contents from physical damage and over/mis-handling during the transit process and pallet building.

SKID FULL copy.png

easy Pallet Building

With the HERBOX, building a skid or a full air pallet is fast and easy. The bundles have optimized dimensions to fit 100 x120 cm skids and can be combined easily into a mixed pallet of different types of boxes and herbs.

  • With the HERBOX system,
    air pallets have a uniform, stable, and reliable structure.


  • The master cartons can be cut for bundling 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 boxes and retain their functionality and characteristics.

3 master cartons are available:

MASTER 10 - to bundle 10 “big" boxes, a 10 Kg bundle

MASTER 12 - to bundle 12 “small” boxes, a 12 kg bundle

MASTER 12 L - to bundle 12 “long" boxes
(equivalent to 12 flat regular boxes), a bundle of 12 kg.

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