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Herbs are delicate and sensitive.
They require special conditions and like all of us, would prefer business class conditions when traveling abroad.


This is why at CARGOLITE we developed HERBOX.
The cool and innovative packaging
for herbs.

herbox packaging for fresh herbs 1kg

In the HERBOX, the top of the 1 Kg package is allocated to the leaves whereas the bottom part of the package is reserved for the stems.
The stems, unlike the leaves, can be compressed without causing any damage to the bunches. 

So we created HERBOX, a packaging with a bottom that can be compressed while leaving the top part intact.   By doing so, we obtained a box with a trapeze shape bottom.

When boxes are placed next to each other, triangular spaces are formed between them. Through these spaces, cold air circulates and reaches all the boxes, even those in the core of the pallet.

herbox packaging for fresh herbs 1kg

HERBOX assures an even distribution of cold air to each and every box on the pallet and keeps the herbs in optimal condition.
With this improved cooling, it is now possible to reduce the volumetric weight of the boxes of 1 kg of basil or other herbs by 20% without causing an increase of temperature inside the box and compromising their quality

herbox packaging for fresh herbs 1kg

HERBOX is available in 4 different sizes:

Click on a box for more details

herbox packaging for fresh herbs 1kg

195x165x210H (1 kg)

equivalent to the common

Upright “SMALL” Box

herbox packaging for chives 1kg
herbox packaging for fresh herbs 3kg

400x165x105H (1 kg)

equivalent to the common

"FLAT" Box

250x400x210 H 

3 Kg bulk Box

herbox packaging for fresh herbs 6kg


 6Kg Bulk Box

1kg2 copy.png

HERBOX 1 kg upright Box:

This 1 kg HERBOX is particularly suited for basil, but will perform as well with other large leaves crops such as mint, parsley, coriander, lovage, sage and also narrow leaved herbs like tarragon, rosemary, dill, thyme and more....

The box structure allows for packing 1 kg in a smaller volume without risking self-heating temperatures build-ups.

The box is very easy and intuitive to fill and close.

herbox packaging for lovage 1kg


herbox packaging for tarragon 1kg


herbox packaging of mint 1kg


HERBOX 1 kg Long Box:

This 1 kg HERBOX is particularly suited for chives, but will perform as well with other crops such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, dill, sage and more. This same box will hold 3 kg of lemon grass!

The box structure allows for excellent ventilation which reduces self heating.

The box is quickly erected and uses a smaller MAP bag than required for standard flat boxes.

herbox packaging for chives 1kg
herbox packaging for rosemary


herbox packaging for thyme


herbox packaging for lemon grass

3 kg of Lemon Grass

herbox packaging for fresh herbs 3 kg

HERBOX 3 kg Bulk Box:

The 3 kg HERBOX is versatile and can be used for different herbs in MAP bags such as basil, chives, rosemary and herbs in sachets . It allows to pack 5 kg of tender stems of broccoli or cauliflower, fine beans and more.
The box is easy to erect and very resilient to vertical loads and contains ventilation holes on all its sides for optimal air circulation through the produce.

herbox packaging 3 kg with chives


herbox packaging 3 kg with tender stems

Tender Stems

herbox packaging 3 kg with basil


herbox packaging 6 kg for herbs

HERBOX 6 kg Bulk Box:

The 6 kg HERBOX is versatile and can be used for different herbs such as basil, mint and additional herbs.
The box relies on the same concept of air circulation between the packed herbs with special apertures that can be opened or closed according to the contents requirements o
r the cool chain conditions. 
HERBOX 6 has its own dedicated master that bundles 4 boxes together.

herbox packaging 6 kg

6 kg box seen from below


dedicated master

Herbox master carton

Herbox 6 bundle


Currently, bundles of several boxes are often made with improvised parts of carton or simply consist of a large box (master) compactly containing the desired quantity of boxes. In most of the cases, the problem of heating worsens and the quality, both of the packaging and the product, is compromised.

HERBOX uses its own dedicated master carton to bundle efficiently 24 boxes of 1 kg.
The packagesin the HERBOX family have modular dimensions which allow for bundling different boxes in the same master.

The master allows a uniform circulation of cold air through the triangular air channels between the boxes.

easy Pallet Building

Herbox is designed with logistics in mind.
All boxes in the HERBOX family of products are fully optimized for logistic dimensions, volumes and weights.

Herboxes can be shipped as individual boxes or in masters of 24 kg to overcome logistic hurdles such as breaking down of bundles, a practice that can seriously damage the boxes and slow down processing at reception.

With the HERBOX, building a skid or a full air pallet is fast and easy. The bundles have optimized dimensions to fit 100 x120 cm skids and can be combined easily into a mixed pallet of different types of boxes and herbs.

  • With the HERBOX system,
    air pallets have a uniform, stable, and reliable structure.


Cargolite in Kenya offers a special service for insulation of skids with delicate herbs over challenging supply and cool chains.
Our team will place a container with the optimal quantity of dry ice at the top layer of the skid and wrap the skid with a thermal blanket.

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