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The development of the Cargolite® XL has upgraded the Cargolite concept to meet the demanding challenges that are taking place in the present cut flower logistic chain.

Cargolite® XL also address the growing demand to use less
plastic material by replacing the plastic frames of the CARGOLITE CL
with special frames made of carton.

Cargolite® XL is currently available in Kenya, Ecuador, and soon in Columbia

cargolite XL

Cargolite xl:

Specially designed cardboard frames

  • The Cargolite® XL is based on the same concept as our patented Cargolite carton but instead of the external plastic frames, it uses specially designed frames made of cardboard.


  • In addition, the Cargolite XL has a bigger capacity and can hold up to 15% more stems than the regular Cargolite box.​​

Cargolite xl:

internal frames

  • The box is equipped with two cardboard frames that were designed to hold a vertical load of up to 10 layers of boxes on an air pallet. 

  • The box, with its cardboard frames can support a load of 1000kg (2200Lb). This makes the box very resistant to crushing.

  • In the cargolite XL the cardboard frames are placed inside the box and are fully recyclable, together with the carton, as paper.

Cargolite XL is very resistant to crushing.

cargolite XL open box

290 x 50 cm stems of Ecuadorian roses in a Cargolite XL carton in bunches of 10 stems

Cargolite xl:

  • With The built-in resistance of the Cargolite XL, bulky SFK's (or "lamina", as it is known in South America) and separators are no longer required to protect the flowers from crushing damages.
    This frees a lot of space in the box.


  • In addition, wIth the Cargolite concept, it is no longer necessary to strap the stems. So the empty space that is usually found in the center of the box can now be used to increase the pack rate.


  • Cargolite boxes increase the pack rate even more by making it safe to pack fresh cut roses in sleeves or kraft paper only. The Cargolite system holds the bunches in place without shifting and delivers a better quality at arrival with a much bigger pack rate.

Cargolite XL can contain more stems than a regular carton.​

Cargolite XL top view with sleeved bunches

Considerable saving on packaging materials for the farm

  • SFK’s-laminas weigh a lot and are therefore expensive. Instead, Cargolite can use lighter and less expensive materials to wrap the bunches. Cargolite XL can even use a sleeve only for protection.


  • Cargolite XL contains more stems, so less boxes are required to pack a million stems

This makes the Cargolite XL particularly well suited for the South American market where bunches of 20 stems in lamina are widely in use.

hoja kraft.jpg

Cargolite xl


packaging materials
per bunch of 20 stems

hoja lamina.jpg


South American box


packaging materials

per bunch of 20 stems

considerable saving ON AIRFREIGHT for the buyers

  • The increased pack rate per volume actually means that the same volume can now be used to ship more flowers at the same cost.


  • Since Cargolite XL can, in some cases, reach twice as many stems per volume, the saving in airfreight can be very high for the AWB payer.

  • In addition, the handling is now based per skid rather than per single box resulting in additional saving on handling fees.

  • With the Cargolite system, all the boxes on the air pallet are uniform, allowing for an easy and systematic  consolidation of Cargolite boxes from different farms and for a more efficient usage of the space on the air pallet.

  • With air freight rates increasing and with less space available on planes, the increase in stems per volume will allow better usage of the restricted space and improve the flown tonnage from source to destination.

Air pallets of Cargolite XL are more efficient and cost-effective, contain more flowers per volume and save a lot on handling fees and airfreight.

improved quality
at arrival


  • The combined properties of the Cargolite boxes further increase the saving by assuring better quality of flowers at arrival thus reducing the rate of damages and rejects.​​

Reports from customers show a decrease of 1-3 % in rejected flowers and claims.

white rose.jpg
color rose.jpg
Cargolite XL skid


  • The Cargolite XL is equipped with special slots serving as handles for a more comfortable holding of the box.


  • The box stays horizontal during handling and the flowers do not shift inside the box.

cargolite XL ergonomic handling

ergonomic handles

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