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Newsletter 07/21

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The European winter season ended a few weeks ago and we can summarize the season to have been one of the best seasons for Cargolite® since we introduced the Cargolite packaging concept.

The Corona pandemic no doubt affected many businesses and farms worldwide, but despite these difficulties, the Cargolite packaging concept has certainly become more popular.

With air freight rates increasing sharply, and with a major shortage of air space to the markets, the Cargolite’s advantages have led  importers and farms to use the Cargolite concept more frequently. We are proud to say that close to 40 farms are now using the Cargolite packaging system for cut flowers and fresh cut herbs.  (see here)


The farms have certainly faced  many challenges during these difficult times. Continuous price increases in sea freight and the growing demand for raw materials such as paper and chemicals have led to steep increases in costs of these basic materials used in the cut flower industry and fresh cut herbs.

On the other hand, the airlines have raised their prices as well and reduced the air cargo traffic from Kenya. Both factors have created instability in the industry, making it even more difficult for the farms to manage their businesses efficiently.

Cargolite has maintained, for as long as possible, stable pricing for the Cargolite components. It has always been our policy to do all possible not to increase prices to the farms and only when the supplying manufacturers increased their prices to Cargolite, we have been forced to increase our prices to the farms in proportion to the increase.

We look forward to serving more farms with the Cargolite packaging concept. The low season for supplying cut flowers and herbs, will continue until mid-October of 2021.

During these months, which are a relatively quiet time for the farms, the Cargolite team will be available to introduce the Cargolite system to any farm that is interested to trial this very efficient packaging concept! We look forward to hearing from you!


The Cargolite team will be at your disposition for any technical support needed to use our packaging concept.

You are most welcome to approach Martin Kabaka , our Sales Manager in Kenya who will assist you with any request relating to the Cargolite packaging concept.



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