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CARGOLITE®  benefits

CARGOLITE air pallets are always BUILT the same WAY

ethio air palletsharp trans copy.png

With a large variety of existing cartons in many different dimensions, regular boxes are arranged in a disorderly manner on the air pallet, often causing them to yield and precariously distort the air pallet structure.

With Cargolite, there is only one safe way to stack the cartons on the air pallet

All Cargolite air pallets will always look the same !


Cartons at the bottom of regular air pallets often crush, causing damages to the flowers and consequent loss in revenues.

Cargolite cartons arrive at destination in perfect condition.​

clean ZBvsCL.jpg


Regular boxes are held either by the straps or by the holes on the side of the box.
This can damage the box and the flowers.


Cargolite frames also function as ergonomic handles.
The handles always keep the carton in horizontal position

The flowers do not shift or slide inside the carton !

handle skytrainSMALL.jpg
handle skytrainSMALL.jpg
holding VDBsmall.jpg

The decision to move our own airfreight using the Cargolite System has been one with zero regrets. It has not only made a substantial commercial difference it also enables us to have better volumetrics, less handling, and significantly less damages. 

Neil Hellings, Managing Director, Oserian, Kenya

Cargolite cartons have optimized dimensions for loading on skids and air pallets.
The Cargolite cartons are loaded on the skids at the farm.

Upon arrival at the airport - the skids are scanned as one unit of 15 cartons on a skid rather than box by box.  Then - the skids are placed directly on the air pallet and the "lower deck" is built in only six moves (instead of shuffling 145 standard boxes individually.)


Cargolite cartons increase the quality of the flowers by reducing handling to minimum​


Cargolite cartons preserve the freshness and quality of the flowers.

crushed in sfk.jpg

Compared to the traditional method of wrapping each bunch with SFK, Cargolite performs better with sleeves only or kraft liner wrapping. 

These two pictures taken at arrival in Holland, show that the flowers in the SFK bunch ( bottom) are squashed while the flowers in the Cargolite flower box are still fresh and in "better shape"


The skidded Cargolite concept reduced handling at multiple points in the supply chain and enabled us to ship roses without SFK which reduced the tonnages of carton shipped. With this, Cargolite generated a significant cost saving and at the same time we save the environment so a real win-win.    

Marnix Paul, Operations Manager, SuperFlora, Holland

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